All Saints of North America

In looking up more information about Xenia Pokrovsky after reading about the upcoming Icon Writing Workshop in Lexington, I found a site that shows the Synaxis Of All Saints Who Have Shone Forth In North America icon that she wrote in 1994 for Metropolitan Theodosius. The site has closeups of the saints faces and events depicted. Unfortunately the scans are not the sharpest, but it’s still a nice resource to this beautiful icon. There’s also a somewhat clearer version that includes nice closeups of St. Raphael of Brooklyn.

I’d previously seen the Synaxis of Saints Who have Shone Forth in North America icon by the hand of Diane Plaskon Koory, which appears to be quite similar, but with a broader color palette.

It’s wonderful to look at these icons of the founding and forming of the church in North America.

By the way, work on the High Bridge Rail-trail, lenten services, and some extra hours at my day job have led to the recent lag between postings. More on all of those later.