Pick more colors

EasyRGB’s Color Harmonizer makes it easy to find color complements and harmonies. It uses the full RGB palette to find the colors, so it’s not web-safe or even web-smart. Still very useful, even if you have a good eye for design. This would be visually stunning and powerful if combined with the moreCrayons tool I mentioned earlier.

More High Bridge photos

The Nollau (Louis Edward) Railroad Glass Negative Collection has photographs of the bridge and station during the rebuilding, starting around photo no. 1123 of the bridges section. The quality of the online versions are not nearly as good as the ones I mentioned before.

The general structures page also mentions a photo of stairs on the side of a cliff. I suspect this was taken near High Bridge as well. And could this be the tunnel?

I also found a photograph of log rafts on the Kentucky River near High Bridge. It is from the Arthur Y. Ford albums at the University of Louisville.