WorldTimZone is a site for and about Tim Powell. It contains my thoughts. Mine! I do not speak for my employer or church or anyone else. Just me.

About Tim Powell

Who is this Tim guy? Until I get a proper Bio on this site, you can read about me and my work on Dmoz (The Open Directory Project). You'll need to scroll down to read the profile.

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About stuff I want

Want to buy me something? Did you find something useful on this site? Do you just like giving to others? Look at my wish list.

About the Website Name

I had been planning to register TimZone because of the pun (Tim's Own), but somebody snagged it. Drat! I remembered that while working on a technique for a browser-based product to automatically convert server dates and times into the client time zone and back, I used worldtimezone.com frequently. When I typed the name, I seemed to keep forgetting to include the E on time. (But I almost always add an extra E to amazon.com and type it as amazone.com. Go figure.) It seemed an obvious second choice. I'm not trying to be a typo-squatter and have no intent to mislead others.

So welcome to Tim's own place on the World Wide Web.