It's great that I'm fascinated by so many things. I just wish I had time to work on them all. These are the ones I'm most passionate about. Some I'll even rant about. Mostly these are things I find cool enough to support with time and energy. You should too.

I've been following progress on, logging bugs against, and developing DHTML for Mozilla. Find out what I think about it, check out my Bugzilla bookmarklets, and view the bugs I'm most interested in.
I'm working to develop a rail-trail near High Bridge, Kentucky
High Bridge history
As part of my rail-trail work, I'm researching the history of High Bridge, Kentucky
Young's High Bridge history
My study of the history of High Bridge and the potential for an adjacent rail-trail led to my interest in this lesser known railroad bridge.
Asbury College
A Christian liberal arts school located in Wilmore, Kentucky. While the college has no denominational affiliation, it maintains a Wesleyan-Arminian holiness tradition.