Wilmore–Burgin Rail-trail?

Well, what d’ya know! I was looking at a topo map the other day and noticed that the High Bridge–Wilmore Railtrail may have a sister on the other side of the river. I suspected that since the railroad had relocated when it doubled the tracks in Jessamine County, it might have needed to do the same in Mercer County. The map shows a dotted line nicely labeled “Old Railroad Grade” that starts near the powerplant and continues on toward Burgin. It looks like about 3 miles of abandoned line. The abandonment begins about 1 ½ miles from High Bridge. I wonder if the bed is still intact.

Ice, ice, baby

The bluegrass region got slammed with a terrible ice storm on Sunday and we’re still recovering. Tree branches are broken all over the place and power lines are snapped or sagging. A radio announcement today said that nearby Woodford county still had 90% of its homes without power. Fayette county (Lexington) still has somewhere around thirty thousand homes without power, which is an improvement from the sixty thousand, but still far too many. We know too many friends and neighbors who are still without it. Thankfully, we only lost power for a couple hours on Sunday.