High Bridge construction photos

Wow! I just found the High Bridge Collection, provided online by the University of Kentucky Libraries, Special Collections and Archives. The collection contains seven photos of the High Bridge railroad bridge during its construction in 1876-1877.

Another collection provided by the same library, the Nollau High Bridge Photographic Collection, claims to contain sixty photographs of the rebuilding of the bridge in 1910-1911. Based on the distinctive towers and appearance, I’d say that only pictures 33 through 60 are of High Bridge, Kentucky. I remember reading that they rebuilt High Bridge around the original bridge, using the same footings, with no disruption of railroad traffic, and raised the track almost 30 feet. These photos make it obvious how it was achieved.

You may also want to look at the related collections—Louis Edward Nollau took photos all over Kentucky. I found many interesting Kentucky historical sites, including a picture of the High Bridge railroad station and a number depicting the building of the new bridge approach embankment (see photos 8 through 20).