I have been reading the newgroup thread about window and dialog resizability. I’m particularly impressed that the preferences dialog will not be resizable anytime soon and I am somewhat amused by all those that want it to be.

I just wish that Mozilla would actually show the resizer in the status bar. For whatever reason, it really bothers me that it’s not there. Maybe I miss it because it provides a larger click target than trying to resize from the teeny window edges. Maybe it is because I usually resize the window from the corner. Or just maybe it is because I keep clicking the lock icon when I really want the scroll arrow. Without the resizer, Mozilla feels incomplete. Now I know that it exists on Windows XP and only XP. Like many things in Mozilla (did someone say download manager?) it appears nobody tested the feature: maximized windows should not be resizable. Last I saw, Windows 98 still had more than half of the Windows marketshare, but no resizer there. I use Windows 2000 and miss it there, too. Inexplicably, no one seems to be working on the problem. I would have thought it should be catfood and mozilla1.0.