Leggo my Lego

I took a few days off after the birth of Teresa to care for her, my wife, and boys. Playing with Lego bricks with the boys, entirely from memory and with basic Lego bricks and plates I built a pretty good version of my favorite Lego set of all time, the Galaxy Explorer. (I found that very groovy site with building instructions for almost every Lego set created prior to 1999 just tonight. Lego Fans are awesome!) It’s been gnawing at me for a while now, but why aren’t there more great Lego sets? With few standouts, Lego sets are now mostly about branding or odd-shaped and useless pieces. It used to be that Lego sets were about the bricks and a child’s imagination. Since I built a reasonably solid and functional hinge out of three bricks, I know that many specialty pieces are not that important. I have to agree with Allan Bedford: Lego has lost its focus.