Iraqis welcomed war

An Assyrian Christian writes “I was wrong” to protest the war in Iraq. When he visited Iraq prior to the war, he was surprised to learn that many Iraqis welcomed war and were angry at his peace protests:

Without exception when allowed to speak freely the message was the same — “Please bring on the war. We are ready. We have suffered long enough. We may lose our lives but some of us will survive and for our children’s sake please, please end our misery.”

“We are not afraid of the American bombing. They will bomb carefully and not purposely target the people. What we are afraid of is Saddam Hussein and what he and the Baath Party will do when the war begins. But even then we want the war. It is the only way to escape our hell. Please tell them to hurry. We have been through war so many times, but this time it will give us hope.”

The Assyrian Christians website from which this article was taken provides an interesting perspective on the war and the Christian persecution in Iraq. Particularly troubling is a July 5, 2004 article about the destruction of Christian villages in Iraq.