I may have to learn Python…

…because I keep finding more and more interesting open source projects that are using it.

I’ve been fascinated by the Chandler Personal Information Manager (PIM) being developed by the Open Source Applications Foundation and have been following its progress since I first heard about it in this post on Mitch Kapor’s weblog. We all want a better email program. Chandler is working to make one that lets you manage and organize messages (and other data) the way you want to. It has been said that it will have the spirit of Lotus Agenda, but will use a graphical and web-like interface.

I also found the Pyzzle game development engine, which allows you to create Myst- and Riven-like slideshow games. It supposedly also has support for objects, embedded movies, text overlays like the books, and custom pointers. Looks like fun.

I guess I better get started learning Python.