Enable/disable flash

A few days ago Blogzilla mentioned the jTFlashManager tool that lets you enable or disable flash on the fly. Investigating how the tool works shows that it just renames the plug-in file. I’ve been renaming the plug-in to disable it for a long time, but never tried doing this while the browser was running. For some reason I thought it read the plug-ins at startup.

The tool requires a Java VM to be installed and I thought that was overkill for renaming a file. I was a bit rusty, but wrote a DOS batch file that works beautifully as a shortcut from my Windows desktop. Save the toggleflash.bat file and then run it passing the path of your Phoenix, Mozilla, or Netscape plugin directory. If you’re not currently viewing a page using the flash or shockwave plug-ins, it will toggle them on or off.

Here’s the file:

@echo off
if "%1"=="" goto usage
if exist %1.\\npswf32.dll goto disable
if exist %1.\\npswf32.dll.off goto enable
echo Couldn't find a flash plugin.
goto usage

ren %1.\\npswf32.dll npswf32.dll.off
if exist %1.\\np32dsw.dll ren %1.\\np32dsw.dll np32dsw.dll.off
echo Flash Disabled.
goto done

ren %1.\\npswf32.dll.off npswf32.dll
if exist %1.\\np32dsw.dll.off ren %1.\\np32dsw.dll.off np32dsw.dll
echo Flash Enabled.
goto done

echo You must specify the path to your browser's plugins directory.
echo Put the path in double quotes if it includes spaces.
echo For example, toggleflash.bat "c:\\Program Files\\Mozilla\\bin\\plugins"