With the fix for bug 62495, Mozilla now has the best URL bar editing behavior of any browser. Single-click still selects the entire URL bar (unless you turn it off). Even better, selection works as expected. I find it hard to believe that Mozilla 1.0 shipped with very broken right-click context menu behavior (bug 96446) but that’s fixed now too. I’m glad to see these basic usability problems getting fixed. It’s about time. The URL bar has had broken behavior since 2000 or earlier.

Chasing ChaseCringely.org

It appears that the Chase Cringely project website that I mentioned earlier is finally up. It’s just a shame that nobody paid any attention to content or usable design. Because they’re using TWiki to run the site, it looks like they are more interested in a Buck Rogers character than in saving others like Chase. Why is it that most open source projects seem to be hostile to outside help even though that’s what they are trying to get?

I’m interested in the MonitorPad suggestion, particularly the idea that it could be combined with a regular baby monitor. As we have been thinking about getting a baby monitor, I can say that we’d definitely consider something like the MonitorPad.