Mozilla Bugs

I download and test Mozilla nightly builds fairly regularly since I'm developing a DHTML Web-based application for it. I was very happy when they added the JavaScript console, even if you had to get to it in a new way. :-) If you're interested in testing Mozilla, check out the buildbar comments at MozillaZine. You can Get Involved in Mozilla coding or bug hunting, too.

Reporting Bugs

I've reported a number of bugs in Mozilla. When reporting bugs, make sure that you can reproduce it in a recent nightly build and include as much information as necessary to reproduce it. There's more information if you want to help the bug testers.

It's best for beginners to use the Bugzilla Helper to log bugs.

You may also find it helpful to look at my bookmarklets for use with bugzilla.

Bugs I'm watching, voting for, or are interested in:

Bug #Summary
10239 [RFE] When cycling through bookmarks the bookmarks url should display in the status bar
I gotta admit this is a bug that's irked me since they broke it going from Netscape 3 to 4. I know Netscape 4 displays the URL for bookmarks when you view them from the Communicator - Bookmarks menu (not drop down button), but it should do it everywhere. IE5 finally got it right, too. I hope they fix Mozilla!
18574 are there plans to implement MNG (Animated PNG images)?
Burn all GIFs! I've been a fan of PNG (MNG's basically PNG) since I first read about it in Dr Dobb's Journal back in Jul 95. I'd love to have animated PNGs with true alpha. Yes!
20318 Vertical & horizontal scrollbars disapper if window too small
It looks like there's a minimum window size. Ick. Still trying to get my test case fixed. See my report in bug 36338.
23460 Bookmarks URL should show in status bar at mouseover of menuitem
This is likely a duplicate of 10239 described above. I don't care how they fix it, just fix it! I want to see the URL of my bookmarks. It looks like tooltips work for the personal toolbar, which is a start.
23508 Cookie confirmation dialog should show all data
I almost always browse with Netscape set to prompt before accepting cookies. It's of no use to get prompts if you don't know what's in the cookie. Duh.
34297 form controls with style="display:none;" unsuccesssful
This prevents some of my DHTML-enhanced forms from working correctly. :-(
49334 [RFE] Implement gopher: protocol support
I'm interested in this mainly for historical reasons. It'd be nice for Mozilla to support protocols that previous browsers and competing (IE) browsers support. Why gopher matters is described in the Gopher Manifesto. (Not accessible with Mozilla yet)
59748 'javascript:' does not open javascript console window
This used to really bother me, but now that the JavaScript console is available from the Tasks menu, I don't care so much. Still a little annoying not having similar behavior when I've been testing with other browser platforms. I was originally watching bug 4263.
104449 Enter does not submit from all form controls.[form sub]
For a while, Mozilla had the nifty ability to submit a form by pressing Enter within any form element. This was feature was removed as a regression caused by bug 22526.

Bugs I voted for that are now fixed! Yes!

Bug #Summary
16806 Save scroll position in session history
Netscape 4 had horrible problems. The "fix" made to this bug isn't perfect, but way better than Netscape's behavior. Putting a marker in the text would be better than using pixel offsets.
20760 browser.underline_anchors pref is not fully implemented
Haven't used underlined links for 4 years, probably because I ran into David Siegel's Web Wonk site long ago and read his comments on typography and underlining. I can't see any reason why I'd want underlined links now. At least you can work around it by having a user.css file in {profile dir}/chrome/ that turns off underlining.
26029 downloading file window cannot be minimized
I apparently always start downloads and then minimize them so I can keep surfing. This was driving me crazy.
30221 Tab order problem in basic auth username & password box
This was an annoying one. Made me aware that I almost never use the mouse in this dialog; I always tab to the password field.
31818 bad referring URI for javascript:
This was a real show stopper for a bookmarklet fan, er, addict like me. It basically amounted to javascript bookmarklets not being able to access the currently loaded page. Most of my bookmarklets work with selected text, so this was a big problem.
35681 [REGRESSION] Body is sized too wide
The only reason I care about this is because I hate horizontal scrolling when it shouldn't be necessary. I had a simple page with a horizontal rule sized larger than the window and it wrapped all the text to the size of the rule. Not the behavior of earlier browsers, to say the least. See my report in bug 36338
38820 JavaScript console text not wrapping (on reopen)
Ugly, but easy to work around.
55460 Alert() modal dialogues hidden somewhere behind window.
It drove me crazy that my bookmarklets wouldn't work because they'd show a hidden dialog (resulting in Mozilla basically locking up). I'm glad this one if fixed!
57239 Radio button onclick fires before clearing previous checked value
In DHTML it's not uncommon to hide or show a section based on clicking a radio button. This wasn't working because multiple radio buttons could be set to true. Now I have the dilemma of what to do since NS6 does not have the fix, but Mozilla does.
61773 [Classic] JavaScript console shows Errors and Warnings same way
Since I created the bug, I guess I voted for it. :-) This will help developers distinguish the importance of a JavaScript console message.
70682 opening link in new window URL not filled before page load
Wow. This is about the most annoying thing in Nav4 if you browse with new windows all the time like I do. Glad it's fixed in Mozilla!

Bugs I've commented on or helped with:

I'm including this because it took forever to complete the bugzilla query for bugs I added comments to and I was really curious. I doubt anyone else cares. It was updated as of June 7, 2002, but is incomplete. Some of these are duplicates from above. The description tells what I did with the bug. Bugs marked in bold are ones I most helped with in my estimation. Maybe this will help me with BugAThon?

Bug #Summary
4263 no JS console after javascript: error and typing in Location bar
Added comment about this bug being reborn as bug 59748
4302 PgUp/PgDn in editor don't move caret/cursor (platform differences)
Added comment and marked bug 107361 as a duplicate of this one.
9100 [bidi] Text direction ignored (dir, BDO, ‎ and ‏)
Added comment that bug 3687 looked like a duplicate of this one. (It was a duplicate, but then was reopened and closed as invalid.)
9550 window.find() is returning undefined
Participated extensively in this bug. Suggested better API for window.find, reviewed that patch and made suggestions, tested the patch.
10239 [RFE] When cycling through bookmarks the bookmarks url shoul
Added comment about this being supported in Communicator Bookmark menu in NS4.
10491 "Open link in new window" or target=_blank should give link :visited color
Added comments and keywords. Noted that this worked sporatically in Netscape 4 on Windows.
14871 [Find][RFE]Find whole word only
Added comments that it works in IE5 and marked bug 118118 as a duplicate of this one.
15364 Add line numbers to View Source
Updated keywords/platform based on a duplicate.
15372 view-source: URLs need overhaul
Added comments about problems with the fix. Ended up logging bug 77337 which turned out to be pretty interesting.
17199 Advanced Prefs - Edit *all* prefs using tree UI
Added a reference to the related bug 110090.
18052 RFE: Ability to D&D the URL Icon into the bookmarks menu or submenu
Added comment that the fix is partial and to see bug 100479.
18726 [feature] Long-click means of invoking contextual menus not
Marked bug 62122 as a duplicate of this one.
21081 [feature] A way to force a repaint or refresh via js
Added comments to try and better understand this.
22526 [FIX]Enter in text input submits form only if there is exactly one text input
Added comment that fix is incomplete and logged bug 104449.
23460 Bookmarks URL should show in status bar at mouseover of menuitem
Added clarifying comment to see duplicate bug 10239.
26029 downloading file window cannot be minimized
Added screenshot and comments to clarify which window is missing the minimize button. Also noted that bug 35046 depends on this one.
30579 'Scrollbar corner' should be skinnable
Added comments from bug 61609 and marked it a duplicate of this one.
34297 form controls with style="display: one;" unsuccessful in Mozilla
Marked bug 65964 a duplicate of this one.
35046 [RFE] Show download progress (%) in title when minimized
Added comment that this bug is dependent on bug 26029.
35866 Windows: Need to show progress/status strings in splash screen
Added comment and offer to fix problem with image.
36338 text wrap problem if hr width larger than window
Created the bug. Added screenshot demonstrating problem. Added comment that even though bug was marked as a duplicate and the dup was fixed, bug still exists. Told that it is now bug 20318.
38164 CSS2 page-break-before and page-break-after not implemented
Added Mozilla1.0 keyword to propose for 1.0 release. This would be nice.
41826 JavaScript getElementById does not create array for Radio buttons with same name
Created the "bug". I did not know about getElementsByName at the time, so this helped me learn.
41914 javascript console text not wrapping on reopen
Created the bug.
41919 4xp Javascript in location bar and bookmarks cannot access current page
Created the bug.
50424 Run moz while moz is already running -> nothing happens
Marked bug 67306 a duplicate of this one.
50799 cursor doesn't change for scrollbar
Marked bug 61921 a duplicate of this one and added comments that the testcase in that bug may be helpful.
54204 Page with absolute div and inline javascript that changes an attributes doesn't paint properly on load if it has no scrollbars
Added comment.
54759 [Modern] Javascript Console mis-skinned
Added comment requesting fix be checked in to trunk since NS6 has shipped.
55988 hidden fields reset on back and history.go(0)
Created the bug. Added testcase. Explained a workaround that also works for Netscape 4.x.
57239 [FIX][RBTN]Radio button onclick fires before clearing previous checked value
Created the bug. Added testcase. Marked bug 62846 as a duplicate of this one.
57772 document.getSelection should act like copy, not html->text e-mail
Added comment with a suggested approach for a fix.
57906 :root element grows to fit contents [BG]
Added comment about the bug not being fixed on the day it was fixed. :-)
58765 javascript urls cause browser lockup
Created the bug.
59748 'javascript:' does not open javascript console window
Added comment.
60151 back button not working after applying theme
Added comments about how to consistently reproduce the bug (sort of a testcase).
60893 display:none affects JavaScript access to form fields
Created the bug. Added testcase. Added comments.
60921 Radio button dots remain when unselected
Added "testcases" to try and reproduce this bug.
60969 Radio buttons created in form with createElement cannot be marked
Created the bug after observing it in writing testcases for bug 60921. Added comments from the W3 spec and RFC when it was marked invalid to show it was not invalid.
60976 Open Link in New Window needs offset
Created the bug.
61608 View Source not color coded
Created the bug. Added comments. I still feel this isn't a duplicate, but at least I have a colored source window using the prefs someone described in the bug.
61609 Background color shows through in scrollbar notch
Created the bug and then marked it a duplicate of bug 30579.
61771 document.getSelection shouldn't cause console errors
Created the bug. Added comments.
61773 [Classic] JavaScript console shows Errors and Warnings same way
Created the bug. Added comments about how to reproduce using two javascript calls.
61921 Textarea scrollbars inherit cursor
Marked this a duplicate of bug 50799.
62122 Would be nice if holding down mouse were same as control click
Added comment that this is a duplicate of bug 18726.
62209 [rfe] show version number (& build ID) on the splash screen
Added comment that bug 35866 is a related splash screen bug.
62846 Checking if form radio button is selected (via javascript) returns false info
Added comment that this is a duplicate of bug 57239 and discussed a possible workaround for NS6 which does not have this fix.
62880 javascript prompt() does not select default text
Created the bug.
62933 non-ASCII URL is not handled 'gracefully'
Added comment that it WORKSFORME.
63752 form submission fails when submit-ing using javascript
Added a testcase and comments to try and help diagnose the bug.
64250 <font><a href><font>: link split before second <font>
Added testcase and comments to reproduce the bug.
64415 Button labels reset on back and history.go(0)
Created the bug and added testcase.
64676 JavaScript Prompt could be confused for system dialog
Created the bug and added testcase (in URL).
64682 Back button jumps left and right in Classsic theme
Created the bug.
65121 Remove File|Exit and replace with File|Close
Created the bug.
65124 Page up/Page down should scroll textarea
Created the bug.
65193 onMouseOver='window.status="bar"' has no effect
Resolved the bug as invalid since it matches behavior of older browsers.
65540 Textarea scrollbar thumbs have wrong cursors
Added comment from the duplicate bug 50799.
65964 Setting style display none does not submit form
Marked it as a duplicate of bug 34297
66858 [RFE] cached style sheet not used from disk cache
Added comment that this is probably a duplicate of bug 29370 (and it was indeed marked as a duplicate of that bug).
67161 Need 'progress' type for windows
Added comment that Windows includes close buttons in many places.
67168 JavaScript error (access to property denied) when using
Marked bug 67455 a duplicate of this bug.
67173 Ctrl-Click to open link in new window not working
Added comment that works for me (and it was eventually closed with WFM).
67300 chrome URLs are added to global history
Added comments explaining why I didn't think that this was a bug (and it was closed as Invalid).
67306 While download window only one open, can't restart mozilla
Marked it as a duplicate of bug 50424.
67367 Will not let me submit user name/passwd to hotmail
Added comment about https being broken in builds around that time.
67426 Character entities not displayed (quirks mode) (&auml; nbsp; etc.
Marked bug 67458 a duplicate of this bug.
67455 unable to login javascript error
Marked it as a duplicate of bug 67168.
67458 non breakable spaces are being ignored
Added comment and confirmed bug to New, then marked it as a duplicate of bug 67426.
68215 RFE: onbefore unload event
Added comment agreeing with RFE and suggesting some work arounds and related bugs.
68279 [RFE] Better security warning about running (opening) downloaded code
Added comment reminding Reporter that he was planning to add a screenshot.
68675 JavaScript confirm() dialog always returns true if operated
Added keywords, comments, and testcase (to URL). Also suggested that this may be a duplicate of bug 67923.
68913 window.opener method returns object for all pages
Resolved this bug as invalid after creating testcase and researching behavior of older browsers.
68956 Screensaver wipes out table form text fields
Marked as invalid since it appears to be about Netscape 4.71.
68960 [Layer]JavaScript pop-ups don't work appear
Added comment that this seems to be related to browser detection code.
69035 offsetHeight is reported wrongly
Added testcase and comments suggesting that this is not a bug.
69037 Time Left in download window displaying nonsensical number
Added comments and suggested duplicate of bug 61947.
69043 javascript: href mangled when charater reference is used
Confirmed bug and set OS to all per comments.
69095 JavaScript URLs from dropdown do not replace location box
Created the bug.