Fri, May 10, 2002

A way to enhance blogs

Link to an article and it will return the favor (used to link to / dis / linkback.html ). This is a good idea that helps to reinforce the natural grouping, community-building, and conversational aspects of blogs. I expect to see it copied widely. [Hat tip to Jon Udell]

Update: Back in 2002 when this article was originally published, using the technique was a good idea. Unfortunately, spammer scum have now made the technique completely useless. They made this essentially throw away article the far and away most popular blog entry in October and December 2005, so I have renamed and edited it to hopefully make it less popular with the bad robots. In this case the permalink isn’t. Deal with it.

Spammers, since we have never published the places that you (supposedly) came from (I know the technical term, but am avoiding it) your efforts were completely wasted. Go do something worthwhile.

Google + Blogs

I stumbled across the musings of Andy Edmonds and got stuck for a while. Good information about Mozilla and UI design. I was intrigued by his suggestion of a scripting solution to the problem John Robert Boynton describes:

Google should recognize weblogs as a document and site structure, and link to the archive url, not the main page of the weblog… Thus it would be better to point to the archive. This would require a convention similar to the robots.txt convention. Google is perfectly placed to initiate the convention.