Rebirth of High Bridge Park

  1. New Pavilion
  2. Gazebo
  3. Playground
  4. Overlook
  5. Rail-trail

Today, the many daily passenger trains that visited High Bridge are long forgotten. With no station and the seldom passenger train on the railroad, the bridge is accessible only by Kentucky State Route 29. It's the rare tourist that visits High Bridge for the bridge itself. The village remains a sleepy and quiet place, especially compared to its heyday. Still, the lure of the bridge and the park remain.

The importance of the bridge has never been forgotten; it is a vital link in the busiest north-south railroad route in the nation.

High Bridge Park is experiencing a rebirth. The famous Victorian-style pavilion has been reconstructed from plans almost identical to the original. A gazebo has been rebuilt using roofing boards from the original. You can just make out the graffiti signifying that so-and-so from such-and-such made a High Bridge visit on some date. Modern playground equipment has been added. A metal cantilever overlook has been built, affording excellent views of the Dix River and the bridge.

The pavilion is once again being used for recreational and cultural events. Wedding receptions are popular at this striking location.

In the future, we hope this will be a trail head for the High Bridge-Wilmore Rail-trail.

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