Mon, October 07, 2002

Phoenix Improves

I’m sure that headline could be used daily. I’ve upgraded to the October 6 nightly of Phoenix and am happy to see several long awaited changes. My bookmark toolbar gained a chevron and drop-down menu (like IE) when it was sized too small to fit all the bookmarks in the window (perhaps fixed by bug 171604). Favicons are back in the bookmark menus for Phoenix. I’d forgotten how nice they were before they were yanked from Mozilla. Finally, after years of waiting, bug 28583 was fixed. Tabbing into text fields or focusing them (except with a click) now selects all the text as it should. This means JavaScript prompt with default text also works. This change affected both Mozilla and Phoenix.

All is not perfect with Phoenix, however. I’m quite disappointed that bug 171892 (the Phoenix version of Mozilla’s bug 65121) was wontfixed. I believe this is a big mistake and will continue to cause annoyance and confusion, especially for IE users trying to switch. I had noticed a while ago that the most troublesome dialogs (bookmark manager, javascript console, etc.) no longer have the exit menu item, so Phoenix is somewhat better than Mozilla. Thanks to the person that fixed them!