Tue, August 27, 2002

Mozilla 1.1 released

Awesome. I read some groovy news about gecko feet and now this. Mozilla 1.1 is finally out. Go get it, use it, and spread the word. The Release Notes for 1.1 tell you what’s new. There are many improvements from 1.0.

Bye bye spiderman, hello geckoman

Researchers at Lewis & Clark college have figured out how geckos can stick to anything. “Researchers found that the tips of the hairs on the bottom of gecko feet are tiny enough to take advantage of a weak attraction between individual molecules called van der Waals forces.” Because the adhesive technique is based on the structure of the hairs and not chemistry or capillary action, it has many possible applications in synthetic form. Imagine tape that works underwater or in a vacuum. Think of tape that doesn’t lose its stickiness and is self cleaning. I can’t wait for Band-Aids that don’t stick when you remove them. This is better than VELCRO.